What Not To Do On Instagram

Instagram – One of the most famous social media App that has one and all posing and clicking a number of photos, just to post on the account. This social media has taken the world by storm and has almost everyone doing a lot of things in front of the camera that they normally don’t, even in front of people. The human nature is such that they prefer to post photos online where even those who are not close can see and judge. But in reality, they will hesitate to be themselves even in front of their near and dear ones. This is because, getting all those like on a social media page, where even others can see how popular you or your photo is, makes one pushing their boundaries.

Can’t Un-See

There are many times when you open your Instagram account page and you see some photos that make you cringe inwards and want to un-see what you just saw. These are posts and photos by people who think it is ok to do anything on social media as they have their freedom and right to do it. Sometimes, such photos can be a hit, and make you very famous. But sometimes, it can be a big miss and this embarrassment will take a long time to go. Simply because social media; never forgets. One can access the photo after a few months or years too. Even if you have successfully removed the photo within a few minutes of posting it, more than enough number of people has already seen it.


What Not To Do In order to be a success story and get many instagram likes , one can keep posting frequently. The more number of posts and the more number of posts you like, your account becomes more visible. In this enthusiasm to be seen by the world, one should avoid doing the following:

Inappropriate Photos

When you upload a photo it has to be appropriate. Just because you don't post anything obscene, does not mean your photos are appropriate. Many people have the habit of uploading photos that are not related to them or are not pleasing. For example if you are posting a photo of something you found funny on the road, it must be funny in reality. Posting a photo of someone falling off a bike and getting hurt might have seemed funny to you, but sharing it is just inappropriate, especially when you are expecting people to find it funny and comment accordingly. .

This type of posts may not get you blocked from Instagram but will definitely reduce your popularity among followers. Instagram unlike Facebook is more specific when it comes to posts. Facebook is a platform where people share photos of everything around them. On Instagram, the photos with people in them tend to earn you more likes.


Yes, it is true that the more photos you post, the more active you are on the account and as a result, you will earn more likes and followers. However, one must ensure they don't spam other people's walls with updates or photos every hour or with a number of photos in a day. One main reason to avoid posting very frequently is, it will irk people more than it will impress them. Also, in a day's time, you are not going to have much to share. Though there are rare occasions like some special day or a vacation, on a regular basis, one will not have anything new to post every hour







As a result, your photos will be those of yourself doing various activities on a day to day basis, or of things around you, that do not have much significance. Another main reason to avoid such frequent posting is, the more you post, the lesser people will see. As you update your photo, the previous post will go down the line of updates. People tend to see only the latest update by you, when they open their page. As a result, many of your posts may go unnoticed and with your followers' likes being distributed among the many photos you are posting; you won't be really getting the anticipated number of likes for every picture.

Though the above mentioned activities on Instagram are not against any rules, it will surely pull you down the list of popularity, when it comes to Instagram. Your photos have to be connected to you or what you do, so that it has a meaning to it. It has to be interesting and the frequency should be well maintained. .

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